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Computer Learning Centre (CLC) was established in 1999 as an authorized
training and testing centre. We have continued to offer quality training,
serving corporate and students nationwide. Computer Learning Centre is

dedicated to providing the highest quality technical training for the Business

market.CLC has experienced organized and highly motivated team who are

focused on meeting the high expectations of East west and South Africa

block. The staff is well trained and meets the international criteria for

vendor Certifications and offers an international standard o f training. We

are ideally located at Museum Hill Centre, within easy reach from town

centre or the surrounding suburbs.

Building Technology Gaps

As technology advances at an ever increasing rate, a gap is created between
the foundation provided by an academic education and technical competency
that is required in today's business environment. The IT certifications were
established to bridge this technical education gap. We offer a wide range of
IT and business certifications. Our courses include fulltime, evenings and
flexible part - time. The courses can also be available on-site i.e. at your

workplace on request of the client. In this case the client will provide the

training room and the PCs.

Mission Statement

• To provide our customers with a well thought out training experience that is
commensurate with their objectives while providing value for the investment


• To be the market leader in quality IT training and testing of certification and
specialization courses for corporations, government and individuals.


• Defining Quality in IT Training.

Core Values

• Quality •training
• Professionalism

• Customer satisfaction
• Integrity
• Social responsibility

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