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lity Policy Statements

• We shall invest in research and product development to not only develop
products that meet the market demands but provide the customer with
the most appropriate training experience.
• We shall empower our staff with knowledge, skills and provide an
environment that fosters positive attitude towards achievements of the
organizational goals.
• Our processes will be well engineered so that we not only provide a service
but we make sure that the process of providing that particular service
is a pleasant customer experience that com es with it.
• Our staff will be entrusted with responsibilities at all levels giving
them challenging targets that makes sure they pursue a focus of
continuous improvement.
• In order to manage our processes and focus, we will make sure that we set
parameters that are measurable and provide indicators of the direction we
are headed when checked at any particular instance.

Training Methodology.

The following services will be supplied by Computer Learning Centre for any

Practical and Theoretical Class Room Training:

Grounded in instructor led training approach with a very strong emphasis on
practical labs, most of our courses consiist of + 50% Theory and 50%
All classes will be delivered in accordance with the latest curriculum and quality
standards. Actual Routers, Switches, Phones and many other equipment
required for hands on training are provided.

Training Venue

We can facilitate training from the following venues;
• Our premises in any of ou-r well equipped labs
• At a Client’s office/site
• In a hotel
• Abroad(Dubai, South Africa, India, UK)

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