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rseware and Attendance Certificates

All training material will be provided from the specific vendor. The material
used will become the property of the trainees.
Attendance Certificates for all courses will b e provided to each trainee
on completion of the training.

Evaluation Forms

Trainees will be required to complete an evaluation form after each course. By
completing these forms, trainees will have the opportunity to evaluate the
lecturer, facilities and any additional comments.


Only Experienced and certified Trainers for all courses presented will be used.


Official vendor specific exams are available for all courses and delegates
trained are encouraged to get certified to earn world recognized certification.

Why train and certify with Computer Learning Centre.

When selecting an IT training, enablement and certification solutions partner
it goes without saying that several key factors exist and when combined,
make for a high quality, successful and memorable learning experience.
Computer Learning Centre offers this and more:

• Experienced Vendor Certified Instructors.
• Vendor Authorised Student Kits.
• Registered with Higher Education Board and NITA (Ref No.NITA/TRN/453).
• Quality and Investment.
• Skills Development, Enablement and Training.
• Dedicated Account Management.
• Empowerment.
• Course Attendance.
• Assessments.
• Diverse Offering.
• Return on Investment.
• Customised Training Solutions.
• Professional Environment.
• Lab equipment exceeds requirement.

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