Microsoft SATV Training | Software Assurance Training Vouchers

Microsoft SATVs are provided by Microsoft to the qualified Microsoft software licensing subscription holders. These electronic vouchers distributed by the Microsoft carries a value [generally, 1-5 days worth of free training with expiry date] as applicable to the type and volume of Microsoft licensing prog In brief, SATV entitles your organization to avail free Microsoft Certification at your premises or at any of the participating Learning Partner location across the globe. rams.

Steps involved in the SATV process:

Administrative steps by Software Assurance Customers:

  • Step 1: The customers having the Software Assurance [SA] membership in the Microsoft product pools are eligible to avail SA training days. The number of training days ranges from one to five days based on the qualifying license program.
  • Step 2: The SATV benefit can be activated at Volume Licensing Service Center [VLSC] site, using the Microsoft account benefits manager credentials.
  • Step 3: In VLSC, when the required information like the employee name, corporate email address, worth of the voucher, and etc., are entered, the organization is able to create and assign the SATV to the respective employee. The employees can avail the SATVs against any of the below-mentioned products:
    • Eligible Classroom/ Online Training
    • MOC On-Demand Training
    • Certification Voucher
  • Step 4: The electronically generated voucher is valid for 180 days. The employees may choose the participating Microsoft Learning Partner offering the courses they are interested in, schedule their training, and avail the benefits of learning.

How to redeem Microsoft Software Assurance Training Vouchers [SATVs]?

  • Step 1: Search the available course schedules
  • Step 2: Get approval from your concerned authority and avail free Microsoft Training Vouchers
  • Step 3: Fill out the required form to get registered for the course
  • Step 4: You may redeem your SATVs against any of the below-mentioned products:
    • Eligible Classroom/ Online Training
    • MOC On-Demand Training
    • Certification Voucher

Benefits of Redeeming Your Microsoft SATV

  • Employee skill enhancement: Get your IT staff certified with the latest Microsoft Technologies and enhance productivity.
  • Reduce the Training Costs: As the training is included under SA coverage, the customers’ IT staff can get trained without creating an impact on the budget.
  • Support of Learning partner: We, as the Microsoft Learning partners create an optimal training strategy for your employees in the most effective way.
  • Guaranteed pricing: SATV coverage includes set pricing for Learning partners. So you have the unique pricing to avail the training anywhere across the globe.
  • Maximized Returns: The organization is benefited with high returns on software investment as their employees get top-notch experienced instructors.
  • Choice of Learning: Your employees may choose any of the available delivery methods like the standard classes, Boot Camps, Onsite and Online learning.

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