Cisco Learning Credits

Cisco Learning Credits (CLCs) empower you to maximize the ROI on your Cisco technologies purchase by integrating the training you need to succeed as part of your investment. Redeem your CLCs with Learning Tree and experience best-in-breed Cisco training taught by leading industry-authorized instructors.

Redeeming Cisco Learning Credits


  • Safeguard training budgets
  • Increase productivity within technical teams by having the latest technology training and skills
  • Address training needs at the time of the product purchase
  • Increase ROI by understanding and allocating advanced features of your Cisco technology investment

Retain a competitive edge and remain ahead of the technology curve with Cisco Learning Credits and Authorized Training. With the right training and enablement, you can get the most of your Cisco Network investments, meet your business goals, and ensure skills and expertise of your IT staff.


  • Provide a consultation to fully understand current technologies used and existing technical skills possessed by team
  • Discuss training goals and/or upcoming implementations
  • Recommend a training path designed to eliminate any overlap in curriculum or existing skills, and provide the ultimate training experience for students so they can take the knowledge gained from training and optimize efficiency
  • Guaranteed to Run training dates presented exclusively from Sunset Learning Institute to allow for precise schedule planning
  • Capitalize on Cisco Learning Credit dollars by taking advantage of bulk purchasing discount programs

[NEW] Microsoft Azure Role-Based Certifications | Quick Preview

What exactly are role-based certifications?

It simply means that you, as a candidate, has the knowledge and skills required to be equipped with the current and upcoming technical roles and requirements. In this case,  Microsoft Azure role-based certifications [new launched] enable the professionals to prove their expertise level and skills to prospective employers, peers, and others in the same community. Not only these are a breakthrough technology upgrade among Cloud technology aspirants but also among those who are already qualified & holding  Microsoft Azure certification  technologies.

Who is going to be benefited the most?

These Microsoft Azure Role Based Certifications [New Launched] are specifically developed & designed for professionals specifically – Azure Developers, Azure Administrators, and Azure Solutions Architects. Besides, showcasing your newly gained and industry relevant skills, these certifications and training programs prepare you for an advanced Azure career.

microsoft certified

1. Microsoft Certified Azure Solutions Architect

The awesome fact is that there is a huge requirement for Microsoft Certified Azure Solutions Architect from organizations. In past one month only, there is a demand of 6099 postings in various popular job posting biggies such as LinkedIn, Naukri and Indeed.

It proves the relevancy and demand of the growing market of Microsoft Azure certifications. Upon completing the Microsoft Certified Azure Solutions Architect, you confirm your mastery over the skills required to design solutions that are run on Azure. As a prospective candidate for all these job vacancies, you must have the expertise to compute, network, storage, and security.

microsoft solution architect jobs

Microsoft Certified Azure Solutions Architect  
Exam AZ-300 AZ-300T01: Deploying and Configuring Infrastructure AZ-300T02: Implementing Workloads and Security AZ-300T03: Understanding Cloud Architect Technology Solutions AZ-300T04: Creating and Deploying Apps AZ-300T05: Implementing Authentication and Secure Data AZ-300T06: Developing for the Cloud   Instructor-Led Training
Exam AZ-301 AZ-301T01: Designing for Identity and Security AZ-301T02: Designing a Data Platform Solution AZ-301T03: Design for Deployment, Migration, and Integration AZ-301T04: Designing an Infrastructure Strategy Instructor-Led Training

2. Microsoft Certified Azure Administrator

Microsoft Certified Azure Administrators are at the top of the charts when it comes to the in-demand Microsoft Azure professionals list. During the past month only, there is a demand of () postings in various popular job posting biggies such as LinkedIn, Naukri and Indeed.

All come down to one thing, you pursue the apt training and pass the Microsoft Azure Certification (New Azure Role-based certification) and showcase your industry relevant skills. An ideal Azure Administrator is responsible for monitoring, implementing and maintaining Microsoft Azure Solutions including significant services related to storage, compute, network and security.

azure administrator jobs requirement
learning path for azure administrator role
Microsoft Certified Azure Administrator  
Exam AZ-100 AZ-100T01: Managing Azure Subscriptions and Resources AZ-100T02: Implementing and Managing Storage AZ-100T03: Deploying and Managing Virtual Machines AZ-100T04: Configure and Manage Virtual Networks AZ-100T05: Manage Identities Instructor-Led Training
Exam AZ-101 AZ-101T01: Migrate Servers to Azure AZ-101T02: Implement and Manage Application Services AZ-101T03: Implement Advanced Virtual Networking AZ-101T04: Secure Identities Instructor-Led Training

3. Microsoft Certified Azure Developer

The need of the hour is to upskill your profile to be more employable a become the perfect match to industry requirements. With Microsoft Azure role-based certifications you get better recognition of your role-based expertise upon completion of the certification.

Microsoft Azure is the cloud for modern business. Expand your skills with new Azure training and certification and meet the current industry need and future-proof your skills.

azure professional jobs requirement
learning microsoft certified azure developer
Microsoft Certified Azure Developer  
Exam AZ-200 AZ-200T01: Select the appropriate Azure technology development solution AZ-200T02: Develop for Azure storage AZ-200T03: Develop Azure Platform as a Service solutions AZ-200T04: Implement security in Azure development solutions Instructor-Led Training
Exam AZ-201 AZ-201T01: Develop for an Azure Cloud Model AZ-201T02: Implement Azure development integration Solutions AZ-201T03: Develop Azure Cognitive Services, Bot, and IoT solutions Instructor-Led Training

As we already know Microsoft is in the process of launching new role-based Azure certifications. The old certifications are being retired giving place to the new ones. And, then there are certain transition exams also. The Microsoft Azure transition exams let you upgrade to the new certifications instead of the older versions such as 70-532, 70-533, 70-535. If you have already passed the old ones, you can follow the transition paths to migrate to the newer ones.

So, if you are previously certified in Microsoft Azure, evolve with Microsoft now, take advantage of Microsoft Azure transition certification exam.

Microsoft SATV Training | Software Assurance Training Vouchers

Microsoft SATVs are provided by Microsoft to the qualified Microsoft software licensing subscription holders. These electronic vouchers distributed by the Microsoft carries a value [generally, 1-5 days worth of free training with expiry date] as applicable to the type and volume of Microsoft licensing prog In brief, SATV entitles your organization to avail free Microsoft Certification at your premises or at any of the participating Learning Partner location across the globe. rams.

Steps involved in the SATV process:

Administrative steps by Software Assurance Customers:

  • Step 1: The customers having the Software Assurance [SA] membership in the Microsoft product pools are eligible to avail SA training days. The number of training days ranges from one to five days based on the qualifying license program.
  • Step 2: The SATV benefit can be activated at Volume Licensing Service Center [VLSC] site, using the Microsoft account benefits manager credentials.
  • Step 3: In VLSC, when the required information like the employee name, corporate email address, worth of the voucher, and etc., are entered, the organization is able to create and assign the SATV to the respective employee. The employees can avail the SATVs against any of the below-mentioned products:
    • Eligible Classroom/ Online Training
    • MOC On-Demand Training
    • Certification Voucher
  • Step 4: The electronically generated voucher is valid for 180 days. The employees may choose the participating Microsoft Learning Partner offering the courses they are interested in, schedule their training, and avail the benefits of learning.

How to redeem Microsoft Software Assurance Training Vouchers [SATVs]?

  • Step 1: Search the available course schedules
  • Step 2: Get approval from your concerned authority and avail free Microsoft Training Vouchers
  • Step 3: Fill out the required form to get registered for the course
  • Step 4: You may redeem your SATVs against any of the below-mentioned products:
    • Eligible Classroom/ Online Training
    • MOC On-Demand Training
    • Certification Voucher

Benefits of Redeeming Your Microsoft SATV

  • Employee skill enhancement: Get your IT staff certified with the latest Microsoft Technologies and enhance productivity.
  • Reduce the Training Costs: As the training is included under SA coverage, the customers’ IT staff can get trained without creating an impact on the budget.
  • Support of Learning partner: We, as the Microsoft Learning partners create an optimal training strategy for your employees in the most effective way.
  • Guaranteed pricing: SATV coverage includes set pricing for Learning partners. So you have the unique pricing to avail the training anywhere across the globe.
  • Maximized Returns: The organization is benefited with high returns on software investment as their employees get top-notch experienced instructors.
  • Choice of Learning: Your employees may choose any of the available delivery methods like the standard classes, Boot Camps, Onsite and Online learning.

Importance of Cyber Security Training

With the evolving hacking events around us, we can see the news regarding organizations being hacked around the world. Despite of investing millions of dollars on technology, many of them avoid human factor that is the weakest link in cyber security. Organizations recruit employees in different departments, but they cannot assume that they have enough knowledge about to secure official and personal data. Hackers are using sophisticated techniques to breach the network & server to steal confidential information. At that point, security training seems helpful to create awareness in employees as well users/customers. It is the duty of an organization to make their customers aware about basic security precautions for a safe browsing experience.

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