CompTIA Cloud+

In this course, you will address the business and technical perspectives of cloud computing. You will learn how to adopt, operate, and govern the cloud. This course helps you to successfully complete the associated CompTIA Cloud Essentials exam to become CompTIA Cloud Essentials certified. Through scenario-driven learning, you will learn to apply the principles in a realistic setting. Role-play activities present a real-world connection using situations that can occur in your day-to-day life. The course materials are accredited by the Cloud Credential Council, marked as CompTIA approved quality content and registered with the Project Management Institute. The web-based certification exam will be offered on the last day of class.

Course Content/Exam(s)
Course Code Description Exam Code Duration
CL0-002  Cloud%2B%20CV0-002%20objectives.pdf CV0-002 12 Days
Course Benefits
What You'll Learn:
  • Common terms and definitions of cloud computing
  • Business benefits and considerations of cloud computing
  • Cloud computing from a technical perspective and the various techniques, methods, challenges, and types of clouds
  • Impact and changes of cloud computing on IT service management
  • Steps that lead to the successful adoption of cloud computing and the implications for organizations
  • Compliance, risk, and regulatory consequences of cloud computing and its financial and strategic impact.

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