DCT Advanced Fibre Optics

DCT Advanced Fibre Optic course begins with a review of fiber optic theory, products, and procedures. Then you will focus on advanced skill development in three days of hands-on exercises that include preparing indoor, outdoor cabling and routing through splice closures, patch panels and splice trays, fusion and mechanical splicing, testing and troubleshoot-ing optical links, setting up and calibrating an OTDR, performing a cable acceptance test, and measuring optical return loss and reflectance using an OTDR

Course Content/Exam(s)
Course Code Description Exam Code Duration
DCT-11  331712_85580893a1e7477799fcc1a73b6f2c95.pdf 2 Days
Course Benefits
  • PON and ACTIVE Network Designs
  • How TDM and WDM is used in FTTH Applications
  • In-depth use of an OTDR for Testing and Troubleshooting Understanding Probable
  • Faults in a Fiber System Attenuation, Return Loss, Back Reflection, Refraction
  • Active/PON(FTTx) Qualification and Troubleshooting

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