DCT Security Management, Planning & Asset Protection

Security and Management are two key elements for the successful development and progression of any leading business. Effective security management, personnel, and systems must integrate and support the business to secure key assets, rather than restrict its operation. As quickly as companies develop, so too do the risks and threats that they face. These risks and threats can primarily stem from internal sources such as Personnel and Information Technology/Systems or external sources such as environmental disasters or terrorism. Some of these threats, security management can directly control, others it cannot. Successful security management will ensure that the company assets have been identified, evaluated for risk, and appropriate safeguards implemented to address the identified threats, such as Crisis Management Planning and Business Continuity Plans. Risk Analysis and Security Surveys are essential tools for security and management professionals.

Course Content/Exam(s)
Course Code Description Exam Code Duration
DCTSMPAP  DCT-DCT-Security-Management-Planning-Asset-Protection.pdf
Course Benefits
  • Learn the best management practice and how to apply these principles
  • Plan security projects and implement them effectively
  • Create a protection program to protect intellectual property in addition to physical assets
  • Run a proactive professional security team

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