Financial Modeling Using Excel

This two-day course will focus on financial management, budgeting theory, financial modeling methodologies and leading practice. During the practical parts of the course, participants will build their own financial models to practically apply the skills learnt. Participants should have a sound knowledge of MS Excel and be at ease using spreadsheets. This course is very practical. You will create your own financial business case model. Time will be spent on financial modeling theory as well as the practical thought process and implementation of these skills to produce a model aligned with leading practice. The course will include real data samples as well as MS Excel exercises.

Course Content/Exam(s)
Course Code Description Exam Code Duration
 Financial-Modelling-Using-Excel.pdf 3 Days
Course Benefits
  • Learn what financial modeling is and how to create financial models
  • Analyze modeling techniques and strategies to reduce errors in modelling
  • Identify uncertainty and scenarios

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