Linux Enterprise Professional- Mixed Environments

The LPIC-3 certification is the culmination of LPI’s multi-level professional certification program. LPIC-3 is designed for the enterprise-level Linux professional and represents the highest level of professional, distribution-neutral Linux certification within the industry. Three separate LPIC-3 specialty certifications are available. Passing any one of the three exams will grant the LPIC-3 certification for that specialty. The LPIC-3 300: Mixed Environment certification covers the administration of Linux systems enterprise-wide in a mixed environment.

Course Content/Exam(s)
Course Code Description Exam Code Duration
LPIC-3  LPIC-3-300-Mixed-Environment.pdf 300-100 5 Days
Course Benefits
  • Have several years experience with installing and maintaining Linux on many computers for various purposes
  • Have integration experience with diverse technologies and operating systems
  • Have professional experience as, or training for, an enterprise-level Linux professional. (This includes experience as a part of another role.)
  • Know advanced and enterprise levels of Linux administration, including installation, management, security, troubleshooting and maintenance.
  • Be able to use open-source tools to measure capacity planning and to troubleshoot resource problems.
  • Have professional experience using LDAP to integrate with Unix services and Windows services, including
  • Samba, PAM, NSS, Active Directory.
  • Be able to plan, architecture, design, build and implement a full environment using Samba3, Samba4 and LDAP.

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