NSE 5 FortiEDR 5.0

NSE 5 FortiEDR 4.2 accredited by Fortinet. In this course, learn how to use FortiEDR to protect your endpoints against advanced attacks with real-time orchestrated incident response functionality.

Course Content/Exam(s)
Course Code Description Exam Code Duration
NSE54 EDR  FortiEDR.pdf 2 Days
Course Benefits
After completing this course, you will be able to:
  • Explain the FortiEDR approach and how it works
  • Identify the communicating components and how they are configured
  • Schedule, organize, and tune a new deployment
  • Carry out basic troubleshooting steps, including: verifying that FortiEDR is installed and actively blocking malware, identifying whether FortiEDR has blocked a process or connection, finding logs, and contacting FortiEDR Support
  • Perform important administrative tasks, including: managing console users, updating collectors, deleting personal data for GDPR compliance, and viewing system events
  • Complete basic tasks in of each area of the management console: the Dashboard, the Event Viewer, the Forensics tab, the Threat Hunting module, Communication Control, Security Policies, Playbooks, Inventory, and the Administration tab
  • Manage security events and their status
  • Block communication from applications that are risky or unwanted, but not inherently malicious
  • Define next-generation antivirus, its role in FortiEDR, and where it falls in the order of operations
  • Find and remove malicious executables from all the devices in your environment
  • Use RESTful API to manage your FortiEDR environment
  • Administer a multi-tenant environment
  • Recognize what Fortinet Cloud Service is and how it works
  • Troubleshoot collector upgrades and performance issues
  • Obtain collector logs and memory dumps
  • Have a basic understanding of the history of malware, how it exploits trust, and the persistence techniques used in malware today
  • Triage PowerShell and CScript events, verify their destinations, and retrieve memory
  • Prioritize, investigate, and analyze security events
  • Remediate malicious events and create exceptions to allow safe processes

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