Oracle Database 10g: New Features Administrators

Oracle 10g New Features for Administrators is a five-day course that will introduce the experienced Oracle DBA to the new features contained in Oracle Database 10g. As students are introduced to the various new features, labs will reinforce the material presented in this course. Once this course is completed, the student will have gained the foundational knowledge to begin to administer Oracle10g databases.

Course Content/Exam(s)
Course Code Description Exam Code Duration
O10G9  Oracle-Database-10g-New-Features-for-Administrators-O10G9.pdf 5 Days
Course Benefits
• Migrating to Oracle10g • Database Extraction and Loading New Features • Tuning and Management • Oracle10g Advisor Framework and Advisors • OEM: The Database Control • Server Management New Features • New Segment Features • New Security Features • Availability and Recovery - RMAN • Availability and Recovery - Flashback Database • The Scheduler • Automatic Storage Management • New and Updated SQL Features • SQL*Plus New Features • Application-Related New Features • PL/SQL New Features • Networking New Features • Other Oracle10g New Features

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