Advanced Social Media Certification Training

The Advanced Social Media program is designed to build advanced skillsets in social media marketing by following a clear, structured, expert-recommended learning path. You’ll master the various facets of social media marketing—including social media strategy, online reputation management, influencer marketing, content marketing and web analytics, and you’ll acquire extensive project experience and the capability to manage and strategize social media marketing initiatives. The program gives you access to live, instructor-led online classes conducted by social media expert trainers. You will also get access to high-quality e-learning content, simulation exams, a community moderated by experts, mentoring sessions, and other resources to help you become a social media specialist. Once you complete the program, you will receive an Advanced Social Media certificate from Simplilearn, validating your ability to lead the social media efforts in your organization.

Course Content/Exam(s)
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EL-ASMC  socialmediaadvanced.pdf
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