Ansible Foundation Training Course

Increasing team productivity and improving business outcomes have now become easy with Ansible 2.0: a simple, popular, agent-free tool in the automation domain. Learn with Simplilearn’s online Ansible 2.0 training and certification course and become an expert in the open-source tool.

Simplilearn’s Ansible 2.0 course for beginners will get you started with installation of Ansible 2.0 and gradually guide you to create your own playbooks, manage an entire cloud region, and configure network devices across Linux or Windows operating systems.

Course Content/Exam(s)
Course Code Description Exam Code
EL-  ansible.pdf
Course Benefits
By the end of Ansible 2.0 course, you will be adept in Ansible 2.0 basics and do the following:
  • Install and setup Ansible 2.0
  • Learn the fundamentals of Ansible 2.0
  • Create a real-world playbook
  • Comprehend loops, blocks, strategies, and galaxies
  • Understand the use of Ansible 2.0 in Cloud domain

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