Apache Cassandra Certification Training

This Apache Cassandra Certification Training will develop your expertise in working with the high-volume Cassandra database management system as part of the Big Data Hadoop framework. With this Cassandra training, you will learn Cassandra concepts, features, architecture and data model, and how to install, configure and monitor open-source databases. The Casandra course is ideal for software developers and analytics professionals who wish to further their careers in the Big Data field.

Apache Cassandra is a free, open-source project and a second-generation distributed NoSQL database and is considered to be the best choice for high availability and scalability databases, particularly when dealing with large amounts of data. Cassandra supports replication across multiple datacenters, while also making the write and read processes highly scalable by offering tunable consistency. This Apache Cassandra training course will provide you with an overview of the fundamentals of Big Data and NoSQL databases, an understanding of Cassandra and its features, architecture and data model, its role in the Hadoop Big Data ecosystem, and show you how to install, configure and monitor Cassandra.

Course Content/Exam(s)
Course Code Description Exam Code
EL-ACC  Apache_Cassandra.pdf
Course Benefits
By the end of Simplilearn’s Apache Cassandra training, you will be able to:
  • Describe the need for Big Data and NoSQL
  • Explain the fundamental concepts of Cassandra and its architecture
  • Describe the architecture of Cassandra
  • Demonstrate data model creation in Cassandra
  • Use Cassandra database interfaces
  • Demonstrate Cassandra database configuration

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