Apache Storm Certification Training

The course enables you to master the concepts of Apache Storm including its architecture, planning, installation, and configuration. You will learn to use Storm for real-time processing and understand how Storm interfaces with Kafka, Java, and Cassandra. The course is best-suited for IT developers, big data developers, data scientists, and analytics professionals.

Apache Storm Certification Training from Simplilearn equips you with an experience in stream processing big data technology of Apache Storm. It equips you with experience in Apache Storm for real-time event processing with Big Data. The course is developed to enable you to take up Big Data Hadoop developer responsibilities requiring Apache Storm skills.

Course Content/Exam(s)
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Course Benefits
With Apache Storm certification training, you will be able to –
  • Master the fundamental concepts and the architecture of Apache Storm
  • Plan installation and configuration with Apache Storm
  • Grasp concepts such as Ingesting and processing of real-time events with Storm
  • Understand fundamentals of Trident extension to Apache Storm
  • Gain thorough understanding of Grouping & Data Insertion in Apache Storm
  • Understand fundamentals of Storm Interfaces with Kafka, Cassandra, Java

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