Certification in Twitter Advertising

The Twitter advertising course is created by Twitter and Simplilearn to help businesses grow their customer base and effectively engage with their online community using Twitter Ads. Using Twitter Ads strategically can have significant benefits for businesses—growing their customer base, amplifying their marketing reach, and building their brand in a way that truly impacts the bottom line. From content strategy to best practices and analytics, Edric Subur from Twitter’s Small to Medium Businesses Marketing team will demonstrate the power of Twitter Ads.

Course Content/Exam(s)
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Course Benefits
The Twitter advertising course from Twitter will train you to become an expert in Twitter advertising. After completing the course, participants will have an in-depth understanding of:
  • Why businesses should advertise on Twitter
  • Opportunities on Twitter and what makes Twitter unique
  • How to reach the right audience—targeting strategy with Twitter’s live signals
  • How to make the best of Twitter Ads—three actionable steps to set up your campaign for success
  • What to tweet–content strategy to create compelling Tweet copy
  • Success stories—how other businesses find success on Twitter
  • Measuring your results to gauge what works best

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