Display Advertising Certification Training

Learn everything you need to know about Display advertising: ad options, remarketing campaign, utilization of cookies, and how to work with third-party agencies for Display campaigns.

Simplilearn’s course on Display Advertising, provides insight on everything a participant needs to know, starting with which ad-options are best suited for a campaign to the utilization of cookies. The course offers a comprehensive insight into this amazing opportunity for digital advertisers and enhances the ability of the professional to remarket campaigns.

Course Content/Exam(s)
Course Code Description Exam Code
EL-DAC  dispadv.pdf
Course Benefits
Display Advertising Course will enable participants to :
  • Learn the fundamentals on the various aspects of Display Advertising
  • How to reach a larger pool of Target audience through Display Ads
  • Master skills involved in designing Display Ads, various types of display ads and best practices
  • Learn about the latest  Target Strategies for display ads
  • Harness the power of remarketing and retargeting solely through Display Ads
  • Learn about measurements and techniques regarding Display Ads

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