Email Marketing Foundations Course

Learn the basics of email marketing. Understand the foundational concepts of direct online marketing and learn to develop effective email marketing strategies.

Email Marketing is all about sending commercial messages to existing or potential customers through e-mail - to promote a product or service, to request business, solicit sales/donations. It helps brands build loyalty, cultivate trust, and increase awareness. The Email Marketing Foundation course from Simplilearn aims to train participants in the rapidly expanding online discipline of e-mail marketing. This course takes participants through the basic concepts of direct online marketing and helps them devise effective marketing strategies using emails

Course Content/Exam(s)
Course Code Description Exam Code
EL-EMF  emailmarketingfoundations.pdf
Course Benefits
The course covers basic concepts related to email marketing. By the end of Email Marketing Foundation course, participants will have learned all about:
  • Techniques to improve traffic, visibility, and awareness of brand or product
  • Marketing business through an e-mail platform
  • Preparing an e-mail list and e-mail campaigns
  • Expanding your subscriber base
  • Tracking, monitoring, and segregating large email sets
  • Email rules and regulations

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