Facebook Marketing & Advertising Certification Training

Gain a thorough knowledge on the various aspects of Facebook. Learn how to make the best use of this social media site using the latest marketing strategies.

Simplilearn’s course on Facebook Marketing and  Advertising  is a course structured to enable the professional to gain a thorough knowledge on the aspects of this social networking  site  and make the best use of this latest marketing strategy.

Course Content/Exam(s)
Course Code Description Exam Code
EL-FMAAC  facebookmarketing.pdf
Course Benefits
Facebook Marketing and Advertising Course offers the following benefits:
  • Learn all the vital aspects of Facebook advertising including a deep understanding of terminologies like CPR frequency etc
  • Gain knowledge on facebooks ads new structure
  • Gain precise knowledge on choosing the prescise ads for your campaign based on statistics and case studies
  • How to skillfully target the appropriate audience
  • Boost convergence rate with re-marketing
  • Obtain more leads with the same campaign budget
  • Creating Facebook tab squeeze methods to setup your advertising campaigns.

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