Informatica Powercenter Certification Training

This Informatica training from Simplilearn trains you on Informatica PowerCenter. In this course you will gain a deeper insight into various aspects of the Informatica administrator console, master transformations, comprehend slowly changing dimension problems to sharpen your data warehousing skills.

This Informatica training by Simplilearn equips you with all skills required to step into the field of ETL and data warehousing using the most in-demand tool. Informatica PowerCenter. This course builds your competency in developing beginner to intermediate level of PowerCenter objects and to expertise in the practical use of the Designer, Workflow Manager, Workflow Monitor tools, and master advanced transformations concepts.

Course Content/Exam(s)
Course Code Description Exam Code
EL-IPC  Informatica_v1.pdf
Course Benefits
  • Understand Basic Mapping Design including the use of Informatica PowerCenter Designer, Workflow manager, and workflow monitor tool
  • Master source qualifier, expression, aggregator, lookup, filter, joiner and other kinds of transformations
  • Add transformations using input and output ports
  • Work with transformation functions and expression syntax
  • Implement SCD1, SCD2, and SCD3 mappings

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