Julia Programming Course

Julia is a new programming language released in 2012. Learn it fast and get ahead of others with Simplilearn’s online Julia training course. Comprehend Julia fundamentals such as variables, loops, operators, conditionals, and much more, write Julia codes, perform IO File operations in Julia with ease, and finally gain expertise in it.

The online Julia course is aimed at beginners and intermediates to guide them through the installation process and basic concepts of Julia. The course covers variables, strings, operators, loops, arrays, lists, etc. to give you a thorough understanding of Julia.The latter half of the Julia training course deals with the file IO reading, directories, error handling, and other advanced features of Julia.

Course Content/Exam(s)
Course Code Description Exam Code
EL-JULP  Course_Agenda_Juliav2.pdf
Course Benefits
After completing this online certification course on Julia, you will gain the following:
  • Acquire an understanding of Julia terminologies
  • Install Julia successfully
  • Learn about variables, strings, logical operators, arrays, functions, data types, dictionaries, loops, list comprehensions, scope, and modules
  • Read and write IO files
  • Dive into meta programming
  • Handle errors efficiently

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