Pay Per Click (PPC) Foundations Course

Understand the basic of PPC and Paid Search. Learn how to ideate, manage and execute digital paid campaigns.

Pay per click is an internet marketing model used on websites in which advertisers pay their hosts only when their ad is clicked. It also focuses on optimizing ad spends and maximizing Click-through rate (CTR) and conversion. The Pay per click (PPC) Foundation Course from Simplilearn trains participants in the online marketing discipline of PPC and Paid Search. This course imparts an in-depth knowledge about the PPC advertising like campaign setup, campaign economics, landing pages, managing campaigns, and other PPC concepts.

Course Content/Exam(s)
Course Code Description Exam Code
EL-PPC  payperclickfoundations.pdf
Course Benefits
The PPC Foundation training is designed to impart the essential knowledge of PPC techniques and strategies. By the end of PPC Foundations course, participants will gain in-depth knowledge of:
  • PPC Auction/Bidding Method
  • Targeting Options in PPC
  • Keywords analysis and tracking
  • Writing Effective Ad Copy & Ad Extensions
  • Evaluating and fine-tuning PPC strategy
  • Conversion tracking, bidding, and reporting
  • Quality Score
  • Integration of PPC with other online marketing methods/channels

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