Computer Learning Center is an authorized Training and Test Center for International Certificate Driving License (ICDL). The Certification certifies that the holder has the knowledge and skills to use the most common computer applications competently. To obtain the ICDL a one must pass 7 modules i.e 4 Base Modules and 3 Intermediate modules.

Course Name Description Duration Schedule
Advanced Presentation Advanced Presentation Advanced Modules 5 Days
Advanced Database Advanced Database Advanced Modules 5 Days
Advanced Spreadsheets Advanced Spreedsheets Advanced Modules 5 Days
Advanced Word Processing Advanced Word Processing Advanced Modules 5 Days
Project Planning Project Planning Intermediate Modules 5 Days
IT Security IT Security Intermediate Modules 5 Days
Online Collaboration Online Collaboration Intermediate Modules 5 Days
Using Databases Using Databases Intermediate Modules 5 Days
Presentation Presentation Intermediate Modules 5 Days
Spreadsheets Spreadsheets Base Modules 5 Days
Word Processing Word Processing Base Modules 5 Days
Online Essentials Online Essentials Base Modules 5 Days
Computer Essentials Computer Essentials Base Modules 5 Days